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Calling all young voters! Wave goodbye to old-style scripted presidential debates and say hello to the future of presidential elections. and Myspace have come together to bring the candidates for the 2008 presidential election to college towns and cell phones, completely unscripted and uncensored.

These broadcasts, known as Myspace/MTV Presidential dialogues give young voters on campuses, as well as on the internet, the opportunity to ask candidates questions in front of a live audience and have their responses watched and rated by viewers in real-time. These streams can be found on or MTV’s, and are the first broadcasts ever available via mobile phone. It’s also the first to allow viewers to answer poll questions in real time and see immediate results.

The most recent of these dialogues featured Sen. Barack Obama at Coe College, in Cedar Rapids, Ohio on Oct. 29. The Illinois Democrat addressed several issues, including the removal of combat troops in Iraq, exporting waste, immigration, No Child Left Behind and the Gay Bisexual Lesbian and Transgender community. Throughout the discussion, his overall ratings among Flektor voters bumped up a few points to show that nearly 87 percent of those responding agreed with his positions.

Valley student Chanti Burnette remarked “The broadcast was awesome, not only because it was convenient, but because it gave students a chance to see the real Obama.”

The first in the series of dialogues was featured Democratic candidate John Edwards. This live coverage took place on September 27, at the University of New Hampshire. MTV moderators were joined by Chris Cillizza, a political reporter for the Washington Post. Edwards, a former senator from North Carolina, took the opportunity to explain his position on Iraq, poverty, global warming and health care. Afterwards, Cillizza noted that Edwards’ approval rating in the poll had jumped up almost 20 percentage points during the dialogue – to nearly 92 percent.

Web bloggers and students alike are finding this to be one of the most convenient ways to get involved with the 2008 Election. An anonymous forum writer on the Obama campaign Myspace said, “I probably wouldn’t even pay attention to anything about the election, if Myspace didn’t make interacting so easy!”

Other candidates confirmed to participate are Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY), Sen. Chris Dodd(D-Conn.) former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and many more.




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