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How To Download & Save Youtube Videos

Posted on: September 11, 2008

Most videos require Flv Player to play video on your PC. may open Windows Media Player to play video depending on extension. If you do not have an flv player then download the free FLV player now. You can search for videos on the popular media sites then download by pasting the url in the download box.

Video Downloader for Streaming Videos for Youtube


Step 1: Download video from Youtube. (Save video as video.flv)
Step 2: View your video in FLV Player.
Thats it!!
If you wish to play your video in your Iphone, Ipod or MP3 Player, download this FLV Converter.


4 Responses to "How To Download & Save Youtube Videos"

Nice post, I use the flash downloader You tube which is free.

thanks for comment

Girlsintube Video Downloader – free firefox add-on to get porn videos downloaded from such porn giants as, Pornhub or Redtube:
Also with this tool you may download other stuff as youtube, facebook, myspace… This is my favourite firefox extension!

wow nice method .
I have had great results also with

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