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 This topic is not for gizmo geeks, but useful for starters who have just bought a new mobile phone and don’t know on how to upload stuffs in their cell phone. It’s not a tough task to upload ring tones, wallpapers and mobile games in your new cell phone.

1) Mobile to Mobile Transfer : If you have a friend/relative who has a cell phone with bluetooth or infrared, and your mobile supports bluetooth/infrared, then you can transfer the content between each other. Just select bluetooth while sending a file. You can also share each other’s mobile data card to transfer the content – from memory card to phone memory.

2) Computer to Mobile Transfer : Other option is to download ringtones, games and wallpapers first on your computer from various internet sites or CDs. Then you can transfer this content from your computer into your mobile using
– Inbuilt bluetooth (usually comes in a laptop nowadays) or Bluetooth dongle
– Infrared – not much famous now
– Data cable (remember, you have a supported data cable, every cell phone requires specific data cable depending on the model. But nowadays, most of the phone supports mini-USB cable )
– Data Card – If you have a removable memory card, then insert your card in a data card reader and transfer the content. Similar to writing on a floppy disk. Data card reader is available in the market, many latest laptops have inbuilt card reader.

3) Mobile Internet : One more option is via mobile GPRS services. If you have GPRS services activated on your mobile phone, you can download content from mobile sites (usually beginning with http://wap. ). Some sites are chargeable while some are free – so take care here.
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