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Top 25 Free Blog Hosts

Posted on: March 20, 2011

Here’s the list you Top 25 Free Blog Hosts :

  1. Blogger – This is one of the more popular widely used blog hosts. Literally millions of users !! They are free , offer heavy customization as well as themes.
  2. Xanga – This is another popular online blog host which caters to a younger audience such as high schooler’s. It is not as customizable as blogger which may not be such a bad thing if you want to write something quick and easy without worrying about re-arranging this and that.
  3. LiveJournal – This is another great quality blog host that does not charge you a penny. I have personally used it and liked it a lot but it is similar to Xanga that it is not 100% customizable but in my opinion is a notch above Xanga.
  4. WordPress – WordPress is the the mecca of blogging origins. If you go on their site and look on the bottom, you can see well known media company names that depend upon wordpress like the New York Times or Yahoo. The great thing about wordpress is that it allows you to host and customize virtually anything. Any first time users will really want to create an account with them to get things rolling.
  5. Tumblr – Now I have not used Tumblr so I would be lying to say that I have first experience. But from what I have noticed most recently is that a lot of great websites out there use the Tumblr platform for blogging. It also looks to be quite as versatile as WordPress. Check it out!
  6. Weebly – Next up is a website / blog-host called Weebly. It is not well known but it does look promising as it offers free blog hosting and other tools to support you with.
  7. – Such an original name , and blunt to the point. I like that , don’t you ? At least it doesn’t sound like a weedkiller compared to the others. This website also follows the suit in offering free webhosting as well as support to help you create your own blog. Setting up an account doesn’t take too long either. So take advantage now !
  8. Thoughts – At the eighth spot I listed Thoughts as another blogging hosting provider. I haven’t checked it out too much. This is definatly great for those of you who want something a little less mainstream.
  9. Experience-Projects – Here is another provider for a person to start blogging away.
  10. Free-Blog-It – Seems to be another promising website to lend blogger a helping hand.
  11. – Runs on the Danga platform, very much directed towards various “fandoms” (i.e. Harry Potter, various Television shows) and is meant for users 18 and older.
  12. – Offers multiple templates, anti-spam, free sub-domain and more.
  13. – Runs on WordPress and offers 50MB of free online space.
  14. – Based out of Ireland, this site uses the WordPress MU platform, large choice of themes.
  15. – WordPress powered blogging for educators.
  16. – One of the most well known of the blogging hosts. Offers multiple account types such as ad-supported and paid. The center of a few controversies recently.
  17. – Lets you build a blog site and even open it up for collaboration.
  18. – Free blog hosting with RSS feeds and more.
  19. – Free blog hosting and offers templates, friends only posts, IP-Banning and more.
  20. – Based in Europe, allows you to create all sorts of websites including a blog.
  21. – Mixes blogging and social networking, with photo galleries and more.
  22. – Have something you want to talk about, but want to say it anonymously? This may be the blogging site for you.
  23. – Lets you build your blog with numerous themes, also allows you to add other site features.
  24. – Offers blogs as well as features such as an integrated store.
  25. – A blog platform with a focus on allowing media-rich posts.

23 Responses to "Top 25 Free Blog Hosts"

Thanks for great information, this is very helpfull for me. I will back tomorrow to find something new.

tumblr must be good, 5th and 25th 🙂 great blogging platform though and thanks for the list!

I use the top 10 and have been looking for a few more to expand with. Thanks for the list.


[…] are at least “25 Free Blog Hosts” out there. Take your pick. I’m using and if I can do it so can […]

Livejournal got 3rd and 16th too 🙂 btw blogsome is no linger accepting new blogs. It says blog creation has been disabled indefinitely 😦

Forgot to mention that I still like the services which are WordPress based. It is easier to use/customize.

I’m using because of its fame. After reading your post about the top 25 free blog hosts, and after give a try for about 1 hour, I’m 99% sure that I’ll move to There’s only 1 reason: the free themes on suck. They don’t use the whole browser width and I haven’t found any way to change it (or it cannot be changed at all?).

[…] You don’t have to spend much money to begin blogging. Other than your own domain name, you can get free hosting through many sites such as WordPress, Blogger, and Many More. […]

Thank you for your article.
I was only know Blogspot and WordPress. Yes, that’s all. 🙂
But now I understand that there is soo many other blogging platform to choose from.
I think I love blogetery, tumblr and weebly.
I’ll give them a try.

nice share., l’ll trying one by one

wordpress is the best be it this one or self hosted. i host my blog at , its awesome

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For newbies blogger or will do – but dfor advanced bloggers, they need to have their own hosted blog.

Only 10% of all this services are still working 😦

[…] or, to name a few. This site has additional info on various free blog hosting options: It’s not necessarily the best list out there, but one of the first I ran across. For more […]

tumblr must be good, 5th and 25th great blogging platform though and thanks for the list!

Really amazing compilation. I’m currently using to host my blogs.

It’s been pretty amazing so far.

Another good free host for blogs is has an automatic script installer.

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