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Mostly PC user will have that dark hand mark by Mouse [Geeks]

Posted on: November 18, 2011


Mostly PC user will have that hand mark.


15 Responses to "Mostly PC user will have that dark hand mark by Mouse [Geeks]"

Correct yaa..

but y? what is the specific reason behind dat?

wat does pc mean
and wat does it do

well, i’ve never noticed this before, i have it, too!

what is the reason for it ……why does it happens bcz of mouse?Explanation?

seriously because of the mouse and i have it too specially the games using mouse will cause that mark from the mouse pad

The carpal bones (of the wrist region) are eight bones shaped to form a curve and only those at the sides of the curve come near the surface of the palm of the hand. On the medial side the pisiform bone (one of the eight carpals) which is located at the medial end of the distal wrist crease of the skin is nearer to the surface and applies pressure on the skin of the hand that uses the mouse.

mouse? why is it my both two hands has a mark.

but what is solution to remove that:P

No solutions dipan.. 🙂 even i have it for the past 7 years.. just waitin for a solution.. people say salicylic acid is good.. but haven’t yet tried it

if you have it on both the hands then it is because of the frequent use of keyboard that you may type a lot…i too have it…

I got a gel cushion for my keyboard and a foam cushioned mouse pad
and the mark went away.

i have that too..i realized this after a week i got more than six month having this…i want to stop it before it becomes badly. so i found the reason i will not do that mistake from now.

is there any chance to rescue my skin ?

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