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Make sure you choose the Mac option

Go to :

If it crashes when you run it. Try this:
1. Open Finder and locate the following folder:

~/Library/Application Support/Skype

2. Delete the file shared.xml.

3. Restart Skype.

Note: The ~ sign means your home folder. You can find your home folder by opening Finder and selecting Go > Home from the menu bar or pressing Command (Apple), Shift and H keys at the same time.


Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition

firefox 5
Mozilla Firefox is a fast, full-featured web browser that’s easy to use. It has lots of great features including popup-blocking, tabbed-browsing, integrated search, improved privacy features, automatic updating and more. Plus, thanks to the launcher bundled in the Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition, it leaves no personal information behind on the machine you run it on, so you can take your favorite browser along with all your favorite bookmarks and extensions with you wherever you go

1.Let your PC boot up completely before opening any applications.
2.Refresh the desktop after closing any application. This will remove any unused files from the RAM.
3.Do not set very large file size images as your wallpaper. Do not keep a wallpaper at all if your PC is low on RAM (less than 64 MB).
4.Do not clutter your Desktop with a lot of shortcuts. Each shortcut on the desktop uses up to 500 bytes of RAM
5.Empty the recycle bin regularly. The files are not really deleted from your hard drive until you empty the recycle bin.

6.Delete the temporary internet files regularly.
7.Defragment your hard drive once every two months. This will free up a lot of space on your hard drive and rearrange the files so that your applications run faster.
8.Always make two partitions in your hard drive. Install all large Softwares (like PSP, Photoshop, 3DS Max etc) in the second partition. Windows uses all the available empty space in C drive as virtual memory when your Computer RAM is full. Keep the C Drive as empty as possible.
9.When installing new Softwares disable the option of having a tray icon. The tray icons use up available RAM, and also slow down the booting of your PC. Also disable the option of starting the application automatically when the PC boots. You can disable these options later on also from the Tools or preferences menu in your application.
10. Protect your PC from dust. Dust causes the CPU cooling fan to jam and slow down thereby gradually heating your CPU and affecting the processing speed. Use compressed air to blow out any dust from the CPU. Never use vacuum.

Most videos require Flv Player to play video on your PC. may open Windows Media Player to play video depending on extension. If you do not have an flv player then download the free FLV player now. You can search for videos on the popular media sites then download by pasting the url in the download box.

Video Downloader for Streaming Videos for Youtube


Step 1: Download video from Youtube. (Save video as video.flv)
Step 2: View your video in FLV Player.
Thats it!!
If you wish to play your video in your Iphone, Ipod or MP3 Player, download this FLV Converter.

Personal folders usually contain confidential data that one tries to protect from nosy siblings, troublesome friends or inquisitive co-workers. Now one can safely protect his/her personal data from all these people. Just follow these simple guidelines:

Firstly, double click on the My Computer icon. Next what you have to do is to identify the drive where your Windows is installed. Usually this is the C: drive by default. However, most people have more than one drive on their computers so they will have to be extra watchful. For others this can be a breeze. Sometimes the contents of a drive may be hidden and not visible to the naked eye under System Tasks. The user must then click the option: show the contents of this drive. Next, double click the Documents and Settings folder. Then double click your user folder. Right click any folder in your user profile and then click Properties. On the sharing tab, select the ‘Make this folder private’ option so that you, the authenticated user only have access to it.

How to rename the Recycle Bin
You now no longer have to look at that recycle bin with discomfort and the usual indifference. For those people who are bored of reading ‘recycle bin’ repeatedly can change its name to whatever they feel like. You can either use your boss’s, your pets’ or even your own name for the recycle bin. Just follow these simple steps:

To change the name of the Recycle Bin desktop icon, open Regedit and go to
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/CLSID/ {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}
Moreover, you can change the name “Recycle Bin” to whatever you want. You can really have fun having this knowledge and can change the recycle bin title to your personal geographical preferences. This can really become an enjoyable task.


When a user uses Windows Media Player to listen to music via a CD the software simultaneously accesses the internet to find the information requested by the user. Windows Media Player accesses various sites to retrieve information for the user such as song titles, album, genre etcetra but, it also violates user privacy by identifying the user’s version of the media player to the site from where it is retrieving the information. Now, the user is at potential risk concerning his/her privacy. The user’s connection can now be monitored easily. For those of you who consider this as an act of privacy violation can perform some simple steps to safeguard yourself:
Go to the start menu and double click the Windows Media Player icon. There should be a “Tools” option. Click the tools option. Then another option will appear. This should be the “Options” tab. There should be an option that displays,
“Allow internet sites to uniquely identify your player”. Simply turn this option off. By performing this simple task, one can restrict the media player from leaking user data.



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