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Here is my experience on how to get more followers on Tumblr.

  •   Follow people that are interesting for you.
  •   Like their posts.
  •   Reblog if it’s worth it.
  •   Comment from their posts
  •   Make your followers become your friends.
  •   Share your URL/link to social media networks that have tumblr blogs.


  •   Post interesting and funny images, music and videos.
  •   Be creative & yourself.
  •   Be relevant.
  • You can try follower exchanges.

Here’s the list you Top 25 Free Blog Hosts :

  1. Blogger – This is one of the more popular widely used blog hosts. Literally millions of users !! They are free , offer heavy customization as well as themes.
  2. Xanga – This is another popular online blog host which caters to a younger audience such as high schooler’s. It is not as customizable as blogger which may not be such a bad thing if you want to write something quick and easy without worrying about re-arranging this and that.
  3. LiveJournal – This is another great quality blog host that does not charge you a penny. I have personally used it and liked it a lot but it is similar to Xanga that it is not 100% customizable but in my opinion is a notch above Xanga.
  4. WordPress – WordPress is the the mecca of blogging origins. If you go on their site and look on the bottom, you can see well known media company names that depend upon wordpress like the New York Times or Yahoo. The great thing about wordpress is that it allows you to host and customize virtually anything. Any first time users will really want to create an account with them to get things rolling.
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